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Hitachi in Philippines

Hitachi Multimedia Equipment is the leading-edge technology specialist - developing the business globally in four key areas: Electronic Device Systems, Life Science, Information Systems & Electronic Components, and Advanced Industrial Products.

They remain devoted to developing new products and businesses worldwide by leveraging unique advanced technologies in these business segments. All this is aimed at meeting the sophisticated technological needs of customers in an age of constant transformation. In addition to the optimal solutions which take advantage of company functions, customers are able to benefit from Hitachi's wide global network – leveraging all that it has to offer.

Hitachi has a long-standing tradition of ensuring the best in quality, reliability and versatility. A wide array of award-winning multimedia projectors with exclusive Hitachi technologies and unrivalled features help anyone with multimedia needs, create impressive multimedia presentations.

Products include data projectors, hard disk drives, as well as state-of-the-art analytical instruments like spectrophotometers.



  • Wireless equipment created
  • Radio receiver created
  • Lighting equipment developed


  • Black and White TV debuted
  • Transistor radio created


  • Color TV created
  • Stereo and tape recorder developed
  • Educational-use VCR created
  • All transistor color TV developed


  • VT-4000 VCR created


  • Wooo Series flat panel TV released