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Electronic Systems & Equipment

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The importance of electronic systems and equipment in today’s manufacturing and healthcare industries is undeniable. From being the first to launch the field emission electron microscope in 1972 to becoming the world leader in state-of-the-art electronic systems and equipment, we have come a long way.

Today, we enjoy the reputation of being a producer of high quality electronic devices and semiconductors that are used in a wide array of manufacturing sectors. In addition, our medical equipment technologies, in particular our “patient-friendly” machines that reduce the patients’ exposure to radiation continue making waves.

With the growing popularity of our devices and equipment, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to provide cutting-edge technologies to our customers that enable them to achieve the best results.

Medical / Healthcare

Hitachi has a diverse range of equipment and services in the healthcare field where demand continues to strengthen with an aging society and a growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases in many developed countries. From diagnostic imaging systems to therapy systems, we aim to develop innovative technologies and supply economically viable and advanced healthcare solutions for the society.

      Semiconductor & Scientific Equipment

      Hitachi supplies a wide range of production and inspection equipment for semiconductors and other electronic devices that are essential to providing advanced functions in the latest electronic products. We also develop high precision manufacturing and inspection equipment for semiconductors and other electronic components to deliver solutions to markets for other finished products.

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