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Hitachi in Philippines

Hitachi provides advanced equipment and systems for the broadcast industry and is highly focused on the rapidly increasing field of digital and high-definition within the industry.

Total support is provided through studio cameras, transponders, transmitters, tapeless systems, and transmission/reception antennas. In addition to having introduced newly developed advanced digital high definition cameras, we are continuing further research & development on various products.            



  • 1949
    Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd. was established.


  • 1950
    Delivered the first medium frequency broadcasting equipment to NHK
  • 1954
    Completed an unmanned relay station on Daibosatsu Pass Supplied Japan’s first train guiding radio device to Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  • 1957
    Supplied radio equipment for the ‘Soya’ Antarctic research vessel of the Japan Coast Guard


  • 1963
    Developed the first purely made Japanese-made diffusion furnace.


  • 1974
    Started to operate the stock price information TV device at the Stock Exchange
  • 1979
    Delivered a car telephone base station


  • 2000
    Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd., Hitachi Denshi, Ltd., and Yagi Antenna Co., Ltd. merged to form Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc
  • 2003
    Released the ‘HC-30’ network camera integrated with a motorized platform
    NASA adopted 22 monitoring camera units for launching the space Shuttle
  • 2007
    Developed the ‘ISnex®’ network-type monitoring camera system
  • 2009
    Developed the industry’s first wireless base station equipment
    Became a subsidiary (consolidated subsidiary) of Hitachi, Ltd.


  • 2010
    Received orders from J SPORTS Broadcasting Corporation for a large-scale video server system
    Released a simplified wireless communication system for industrial use

Case Studies

Technological Advancements In Broadcasting Industry

Technological Advancements In Broadcasting Industry

As the broadcasting industry went through a digitization period, significant advancements were made in the technology used by broadcasters. MediaCorp recognized this as an opportunity to upgrade its technology. With Digital Microwave Link, Hitachi Kokusai Electric ensures broadcast leaders to stay at the forefront of digital broadcasting industry.